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SME Health and Safety Solutions

What are the business benefits?

Implementing robust health and safety policies & procedures is vital for every organisation. They help demonstrate that you care for your workforce and customers, promoting improved safety, morale and trust. But the benefits don’t end there. Good health and safety practices also protect your organisation from the cost of lost time, litigation, fines, and the possible loss of reputation and customers

Our approach – it’s all about choice

We, at HSM realise that small businesses have to be careful with how they spend their money. Equally, we also understand that there are many legislative pressures that businesses have to adhere to - and sometimes it can be ‘Where do I start?’ This is why, at HSM have developed our 3 SME Health and Safety solutions. Each of which can help to ensure that staff, visitors, contractors and others safe within your business.

HSM - Alpha Solution

This is our entry level solution that is aimed at a variety of businesses – but those who may have people on board with H&S skills, but need help with documentation and the processes. Here a HSM consultant will carry out a brief fact finding telephone interview and then will assemble a pack of information for your business. Information in each pack will include Risk Assessments templates (such as COSHH, DSE, and Manual Handling), policy statement template, arrangements and responsibilities templates, H&S induction presentations and a whole lot more! Prices for this solution start at only £350 (will vary according to size of organisation and risk level)

HSM – Beta Solution

In this solution your small business will be visited by one of our consultants who will carry out an inspection and appraisal of your current H&S compliance and provide an action plan for areas of development. From this he will then draw up a H&S management system, provide risk assessment templates specific to the business( and guidance), and be available to your business for advice for 12 months via email and telephone. Also this would include an annual review of your policy, procedures and provide you with an additional appraisal of your H&S compliance. Prices for this solution start at only £950 (prices will vary according to size of organisation, location and risk level).

HSM – Omega Solution

This solution is one where we truly become your H&S department. It offers all that the Beta solution does, plus it also includes quarterly visits from your consultant to carry out a schedule of pre-arranged activities. The activities could include site inspections, chairing H&S committee meetings, staff training in areas such as Fire awareness, Manual Handling, DSE, updating policy and procedures, accident investigation, toolbox talks, staff induction audits, fire risk reviews and other activities agreed with you at the commencement of the work. Prices for this solution start from £1850 (prices will vary according to size of organisation, location and risk level).

The solutions can be are tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, and we can adapt each solution to satisfy your H&S needs and your budget. All prices quoted are valid from Nov 2010 for six months and are exclusive of the current rate of VAT.

What Next?

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