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Health and Safety in Offices

Offices are generally considered to be low risk environments and whilst it is true that office workers are not exposed to the same risks such as those employees in factories, engineering workshops or construction sites, there are still core legal requirements that our health and safety in offices consultants can help you achieve. It is also worth noting that approximately 2000 office workers are absent from work for more than three days every year because of a workplace accident.

Typical services that our health and safety consultants assist clients with include:

Display Screen Equipment

Within any office environment a large proportion of your workers will use Display Screen Equipment (computers) for most of their working day. Our Health and Safety Consultants can assess the risks to health from DSE workstations and reduce the risks of workers suffering from muscular skeletal disorders; such as neck and back ache, as well as visual fatigue and mental stress.

Fire Safety

All employers are legally required to assess the risk of fire in their workplace, and if they have five or more employees, they also have to record the results in writing.

The Mentor health and safety consultants will compile a Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency Plan that is bespoke to the needs and layout of the building you occupy. We will also ensure that all staff receive appropriate training in relation to fire safety and you site emergency arrangements.


The Health and Safety Executive's guidance on preventing workplace stress, states that: Ill health resulting from stress caused at work has to be treated the same as ill health due to other, physical causes present in the workplace.

Our occupational health and safety consultants will ensure that employers fulfil their legal duty to take reasonable care in ensuring that health is not placed at risk through excessive and sustained levels of stress arising from the way work loads are organised, the way people deal with each other at their work or from the day-to-day demands placed upon them.

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