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Health and Safety Fire Risk Assessment from £299 + VAT

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force in October 2006, replaces many of the references to fire safety in other legislation such as the Fire Precautions Act, Licensing Act and Housing Acts with a simple, single Order. The order now requires any person who has some level of control in premises where they operate The Responsible Person, to take reasonable steps to reduce the risks associated with fire and ensure that there are suitable emergency procedures in place should a fire occur.

Achieving a positive culture towards fire safety is very much a matter of common sense. However, organisations will now have to ensure that sufficient time is set aside to work through the necessary risk based steps to enable suitable risk controls to be identified and implemented in order to reduce the risk of a fire occurring.

What are the main requirements of the Order?

The responsible person is required to:

  • Ensure that a fire risk assessment identifying the risks and hazards is carried out at the premises. Where there are more than 5 persons present at the premises the risk assessment has to be documented;
  • Consider who may be especially at risk e.g. disabled persons, children, the elderly etc;
  • Eliminate or reduce the risk from fire as far as is reasonably practical and provide suitable and sufficient fire precautions to deal with any residual risk;
  • Take additional measures to ensure safety where there is a higher risk of fire; for example in locations where a significant amount of flammable or explosive materials are used or stored;
  • Create an emergency plan. This sets out exactly what the emergency procedures for your premises will be should a fire related incident occur; and
  • Monitor and review the findings as necessary

Fire Safety Services

At Health and Safety Mentor professional fire risk assessors will undertake a full assessment of the premises; you're fire safety procedures and emergency action plan. A full report will then be produced, giving prioritised recommendations and practical guidance on how to carry them out, as well as producing site-specific emergency action procedures.

As an alternative to this, bespoke training can be put together so that your own staff can be trained to competently undertake the assessments themselves.

Premises that require such a Health and Safety Fire Risk Assessment include:

  • Educational Establishments
  • Premises that provide care, which would include care homes, hospitals, and day nurseries
  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Leisure centres and leisure facilities
  • Community halls and places of worship
  • Construction site's
  • The common areas of houses in multiple occupation including common fire warning systems etc.
  • Hotels, B&B's and hostels
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Offices and shops
  • Tents and marquees

Should you require any further information on carrying out health and safety fire risk assessment please contact one of our fire risk assessors on 08444 933 062.