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First Aid at Work by Health and Safety Mentor

HSE Updates to First Aid at Work

Training October 2009

What is going to change about the training for First Aid at Work?

From this October there are going to be several changes, as listed below:

  • First Aid at Work
    This course will take place over 3 days instead of 4. This is thanks to advances in teaching methods and technology and the revision of resuscitation protocols in 2006.
  • Is everybody affected by these changes?
    All businesses in England, Scotland and Wales will be expected to follow the new course structure and risk assessment guidelines from October 09.
  • Emergency First Aider at Work
    This is a completely new course that is being launched by the HSE. The course will last 1 day and will entitle the attendee to gain an HSE accredited certificate in first aid.
  • Risk Assessment
    The table of risk assessment issued by the HSE to advise companies on the number and category of first aiders their business needs will be revised in line with the new courses. Details of the new risk assessment guidelines will be released shortly.
  • What are the annual updates?
    The HSE is strongly recommending that people who complete both the First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aider at Work course attend an annual update to refresh their skills. The annual updates will last half a day.
  • What does this mean for the Refresher course, will I need to attend?
    YES. The First aid at Work certificate will still expire after 3 years and you will need to attend a Refresher course to maintain the qualification. The course will last 2 days. The certificate for Emergency First Aider at Work will also expire after 3 years and you will need to complete the training again to remain qualified.
  • When do these changes come into effect?
    The new courses will come into effect from October 2009.
  • What is the difference between First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work?
    The First Aid at Work course is a comprehensive 3 day course that covers everything you need to become the official first aider in your company. This course is especially suitable for high risk working environments, for example, construction or manufacturing, and for organisations that have large numbers of staff.

    The Emergency First Aid at Work is a 1 day course that is better suited to those who work in low risk environments such as offices and shops, or for companies who have a small number of employees.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the new legal requirements or would like details on booking a first aid at work by health and safety mentor course please contact one of our health and safety consultants on 08444 933 062.